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AromaTouch Session $65

AromaTouch Technique works with 8 CPTG essential oils and specific movement working on the back area of the body, hands, and feet  using confident contact.

This addresses four Systemic constants:


toxic insult

inflammatory response

autonomic imbalance

This is not a massage that goes deep into the muscles, but a light pressure that does not go beyond the superficial layer of the skin. This excites the tissue across the body, increases flow and promotes neurological respond.


To make an appointment or if you have any other questions please contact me.

DISCLAIMER:  Energy work is a simple form of relaxation that can reduce stress; increase peace; balance mind, body, soul; promote general wellness; and compliment medical treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or interfere with any standard medical treatment or your free will.  Any readings or guidance given are subject to your interpretation.  Any choices or actions you make based on your sessions are your responsibility - as are the consequences of such.  I am not liable for any information received during a session.

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