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Healing Offerings


A form of hands-on-healing using life force energy and intuition to address acute & chronic conditions and promote balance. Crystals may also be used during Reiki sessions.

Crystal Therapy

Guided intuitive healing using appropriate placement of and the innate energy of crystals  to promote balance in the physical and auric bodily system. It is also a powerful method of cleansing negative energy, clearing and balancing the chakras, effecting emotional release, bringing light and healing into all the aura bodies. Different crystals are placed on certain areas of the body or beside the body and then allowing the crystals to do their work and with assistance of your spirit group and universal energy. Every session is different as it is what you need at this time and space.

To make an appointment or if you have any other questions please contact me.

DISCLAIMER:  Energy work is a simple form of relaxation that can reduce stress; increase peace; balance mind, body, soul; promote general wellness; and compliment medical treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or interfere with any standard medical treatment or your free will.  Any readings or guidance given are subject to your interpretation.  Any choices or actions you make based on your sessions are your responsibility - as are the consequences of such.  I am not liable for any information received during a session.

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