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Weaving a Life

" The weaver is more than a woman who weaves cloth, she is one who weaves energy, idea, wisdom into manifestation. The weaver has deep roots in the sacred feminine and inspires us to activate our inner connection as well as our community."                    from Fire of the Goddess~Katalin Koda

Weaving Circle

A Weaving circle is..

A place to discover and explore your natural creativity, to experience colors, textures and patterns that make your heart sing as you weave over and under the wild elements of fibers, touching with your fingers what is organic and real.

A community..

A place where you can risk being yourself and sharing, and weaving your story in a safe and supported circle.

A refuge of peace and belonging. Empowering you to weave something with meaning. Healing  and supporting one another with  silence, flow, time to go inward.

A celebration where you're welcome to dance and sing, where you can vision how your life could be, finding a way to help the world and most of all learn how to live in a sacred way. Weaving a life is an approach to the journey of personal awareness. It embodies a language of transformation. There are 7 keyforms that represent a stage in the journey of life which can be applied to ones whole life. The Amulet, the Bowl, the Doll, the Power Belt, the Mask, the Bundle, the Shawl.

This circle meets weekly.  I also do this journey with the Keyforms individually. Please contact me for more info

 ~ Weaving with truth and love to nourish the soul.


EarthLoom Events

EarthLoom events are a great way to bring family, friends and community together. Weaving together hands and heart creating a piece for someone, whether honoring them, creating a memorial or celebrating them. This is a great addition to a wedding, family reunion, retreats, memorial service, school function, or any special event. Please contact me if you are interested in holding an event or if you have any questions.

Me and my StoryLoom and our Shepherd Lola

DISCLAIMER:  Energy work is a simple form of relaxation that can reduce stress; increase peace; balance mind, body, soul; promote general wellness; and compliment medical treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or interfere with any standard medical treatment or your free will.  Any readings or guidance given are subject to your interpretation.  Any choices or actions you make based on your sessions are your responsibility - as are the consequences of such.  I am not liable for any information received during a session.

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