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    Rose  Healings   



Welcome to the Rose healing. In this healing you will experience three different Rose energies. Each one will be a different experience.

 You will connect to the white , pink and red rose. Each healing I will be three separate healings as they each have there own energy , experience and frequency.

White Rose~

In the White Rose healing we will be calling in Mother Mary and working with her energy. This Rose healing is about cleansing and purification. As you lay on the table crystals will be place on you and around you. We will also be calling in the Sisterhood of the Rose and the frequency of the White rose. Your 7 chakras will be activating and cleansing.

Pink Rose~

In the Pink Rose Healing we will be working with Lady Nada. Connecting to your Heart and Soul. Connecting to the Elements and the Lay lines of the Earth. I will be also placing crystals on you and around you and also anointing you with Rose oil. We will be calling in the Sisterhood of the Rose and the pink Rose frequency's to activate you and ground you.

Red  Rose~

In the Red Rose Healing we will be working with Mary Magdalene. Cleansing and purifying your womb space. Allowing you to fully embody your truth and sovereignty and self worth. I will be laying crystal stones on you and around you. I will also be anointing you with Spikenard anointing oil. We will call in the Sisterhood of the Rose and the freqency of the Red Rose.

For the three session $165 or $65 a session if you feel called to a specific Rose.

DISCLAIMER:  Energy work is a simple form of relaxation that can reduce stress; increase peace; balance mind, body, soul; promote general wellness; and compliment medical treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or interfere with any standard medical treatment or your free will.  Any readings or guidance given are subject to your interpretation.  Any choices or actions you make based on your sessions are your responsibility - as are the consequences of such.  I am not liable for any information received during a session.

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