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Branch Weaving

branch bee.jpg

Bee   $65

What is buzzing around you in your energy? What is sweet that is calling you in? Life that cycles around us. Birth, death, resurrection. Bee- Tears of the Sun god Ra.  Creativity, community, creating harmony. You have the power to attract what you desire.

branch weaving.jpg

Flow $120

What is flowing within? What is calling to flow? Flow to release. Flow to draw in. Flow with it and the energy it brings.



Crystalline $65

The light within that flows through us. the light that is around us. this Light expands and flows as it protects us, guides us and supports us.  Connect to the Crystalline Light. it is waiting.


Pebbles of the Stream $65

Kundaline $65

What do you see when you walk through the stream? Do you honor that stream and what it holds? The elements of Water, the Stone People, Earth and Air. Taking time to sit by the stream and honoring it. What is it calling you to do? Step into her waters and see what she has for you.


The energy at the base of the spine. Can you feel it? Is it awake? Feel it awaken. Feel it rise up within. The serpent energy, the male and  feminine. Connecting to your Third Eye. Rise energy, rise. Awaken within me. Allow me to be fully present with the I Am.


Depths of my Being $65

What i feel. What is within the depths. The Elements, the blood, my Spirit. Who I am. My own Being. What holds me together. The waters of my makeup. The Earth of my bones. The light that dwells of what truly I am. My free Spirit. I am the depths of my being. I am Earth herself.


Field of Autumn Wildflowers.jpg

Field of Autumn Wildflowers $65

This piece came to me as I was driving home one day on the back roads and saw the most beautiful colors in the field! Taking a pause to witness the beauty of the Autumn season, which is my favorite time of the year. I appreciate the beauty of this season that we sometimes don't notice. Take a moment and witness what Autumn brings.


flow with spirit branch weaving_edited.jpg

Flow with Spirit $45

The ebb and flow that resides with this light, dark, higher energy's. Listen, feel, sense this within and around you. Flow with Spirit. Flow with love light.

waters branch weaving_edited.jpg

Waters $45

Drawing the waters around us and within. Hold these sacred waters with respect and honor. Cleansing ourselves. Purifying ourselves. Healing waters.


power source branch weaving_edited.jpg

Power Source $45

branch purity.jpg

Purity $75

Purity of our Soul. purity of our Spirit. Purity of our Being.

Weaving the golden threads. Do you know the power within? Do you know the creative Source within? Energy rises and flows. Create from this power. There is beauty and love light.



branch womb of mother.jpg

The mothers Womb where we are reborn $85

Merging into the Womb of the Mother and being reborn. Seeing the light in many colors. The infinite possibility's to come after. Bringing balance to our Being and our purpose. We are One with the Mother who we are born of.

wing of the dragon 2.jpg

Wonders of the Earth through the Wing of a Dragon $175

The wing of a dragon. What the dragon see and connects with and it is apart of nature. One with the elements. What this beautiful creature experiences.


Dreams $45


Spiraling Light $55

Dreaming through the mind. Dreaming Through the Heart. Dreaming Higher Dimensions.

The Light that is always there, that is in everything,  around us and within us. Lighting Our path with Sun energy. Bringing infinite energy. Ground ,guiding, and energizing us.


Sweeping with Colors $65

Work with the energy within to cleanse, sweep away what is no longer serving you. Cleanse your Temple space so more light can come in.

If you are interested in any of these pieces please contact me.

     All Fiber Art is created by Jessica Porter

Weaving from the Heart.

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