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Tapestry Weaving

egyptian weaving.jpg

Mysteries of Egypt

The colors of Isis. Rich colors of Egypt. Light codes woven in.  These are yours, the mysteries to claim.

evening sunset weaving.jpg

The Evening Sunset

I saw these colors one evening as the Sun was setting and it brought inspiration and peace of mind.



spice of life weaving.jpg

Spiced One $45

The spices of life, whether they are sweet, salty or spicy, they make life unique and flavorful.

Red weaving.jpg

Fire Passion $35

Fiery Energy, Heat, Passion. The Heart of the Self.


the wedding weaving.jpg

The Wedding $45

I love this piece! The colors came to me and once it was complete, The softness reminded me of a wedding with Happiness and Love that comes with such a special occasion.


in town weaving.jpg

Connection to our
Surrounding $35


moon weaving.jpg

The Moon Dreamer $45

The Moon in Her crescent way, spoke to weave Her in a way she shows her self to me


Take time to see and connect to all the beauty around you. The waters, beaches, gardens, our town, community and sky.



fall weaving.jpg

Autumn Wonder $45

A fall drive with my husband on Wenzel Rd in Farmington Twp. Fall leaves so radiant and colorful. The beauty of Autumn.

weaving ice.jpg

Winter Is Coming $35

This piece came to me from watching Games of Thrones.

Summer fun.jpg

Colors of Summer Fun

Summer is so Colorful, Vivacious and full of wonder and fun.



The Battle Song
Of the Valkyries

This piece was created after reading a poem in the Najals Saga. The 12 Valkyries sitting at a loom weaving the tragic destiny of warriors, chanting their intentions who to be slain at the Battle of Clontarf (1014).


Blue Ocean $45

For the one who loves the Ocean, water elements and Mermaid in your blood. May this piece remind you and bless you with watery energy and its call.

woman in red weaving.jpg

Lady in Red $65

It is Her time. She is apart of the landscape. She is apart of the energy around us. Those of us she is within  us in our hearts and our womb. She guides us on the path of Love and Oneness. Can you feel her? Can you hear her call? She is here. It is time. Welcome the Lady of the Rose, Lady in Red.



Winters Drive $45

As I was driving down our Country road the colors came to me to create this weaving of that experience that day.


Isis $45

She of a Thousand Names. Let go and receive her miracles, her transmissions and her support.

oracle weaving.jpg

Oracle $275

The message She brings to those that connect with her energy. When we connect to the Oracle she is light and flowing colors. Flowing messages. Free flowing.

If you are interested in any of these pieces please contact me.

     All Fiber Art is created by Jessica Porter

Weaving from the Heart.

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