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The Doll ~ The Goddess ~Insight

The Doll is the symbol of the soul. It is a small spark of the greater Self.

~Weaving a Life

Today I want to share with you and explore the next keyform in the Weaving a Life. This is the Doll and it is one of my favorite keyforms. This key form allows us to recognize the wisdom that exists within the self. The doll is also connected to the rites of passage of childhood.

I have explored this several times , as you see here in the pic. the first one is my first doll which has no face. representing my inner life of who I truly am. The middle doll is when I did my certification for Weaving a Life and I explored my future self, going into the future 20 yrs. to feel who I wanted to become and the last I did as I shared this with my Priestess group these keyforms and we worked with the energy of them. My inner Priestess.

Who do you want to become? Connecting to your true self. Have you connected to this aspect of yourself? Let us drop down within and connect. Feel within the heart space, feel within the womb space. She is there. connect with her.

She is our inner wisdom.

Who do you know whom you consider to be wise? What makes that person wise?

The Doll symbolizes our wise self, the wisdom within our inner Goddess.

This is where I started to create and connect to this keyform to create Goddess Dolls to create for others and channeling messages for each one.

This Doll holds space for friendship, for nurturing. It acts as a reminder of what is within us.

Finding harmony, balance, guidance and nurturing on your path to the inner self and be one with your self and embrace this beautiful self.

If you are interested in taking this journey through the keyforms please contact me.

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