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 Priestess.. This is about connecting to who you are, Your truth, Your love for thy self, Your values, Energy, Inner Goddess, Divine Spirit within, Inner Priestess. Connecting to those things that support us on our path. And being in service to the Divine.

The Art of the  Priestess starts with the self, Of what we need to align our energy, Truth and Values of ourselves.

When we come to be in service of thy self, we are in service to Mother Father God as we are one with them.

Many women have become Priestess, so they may serve the spiritual life of their community and hold open the lines of communication between the humans and the spirit world.

This is a safe and sacred space to grow and learn what our spiritual path is. This will be a guided path and also open for you to create your own personal spiritual path. We will explore an area of study each moon cycle, starting with the new moon for 13 moons.

During the moon cycle you will experience immersions, applications, practical exercises, integration, and reflection.

We will have customs that will apply to this path as they area part of  my Sisterhood that I studied with:

1. We honor the Divine Feminine in every person.

2. We believe that the Divine Feminine connects people form assorted spiritual backgrounds.

3.We believe in safe and sacred space.

4. We feel that through community we become stronger and wiser.

5. We endeavor to bring the sacred to the present moment, by empowering on another to live strong,  powerful lives through honoring and celebrating life cycles, celebrating and exploring love, pleasure, and sexuality, and integrating spirit, awareness and  wellness into everyday practices.

6. Each person is encouraged to discover and create their own spiritual practice.

7. We value celebrating each other and choosing optimistic perspectives.

8. We encourage celebration of life, the Divine and others.

9."Being in service" is an integral part of this Priestess Path and sisters are encouraged to tend to themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you feel the calling in your heart? Do you see the signs that are being given to you? Do you smell her sweet sent pulling you closer to her calling you to her service to yourself and to others?

Tuition for this Priestess Path is $1200. This can be made into monthly payments for 12 months.

For More information, dates and registration please contact me .

DISCLAIMER:  Energy work is a simple form of relaxation that can reduce stress; increase peace; balance mind, body, soul; promote general wellness; and compliment medical treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or interfere with any standard medical treatment or your free will.  Any readings or guidance given are subject to your interpretation.  Any choices or actions you make based on your sessions are your responsibility - as are the consequences of such.  I am not liable for any information received during a session.

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