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The Belt of Power ~ Choice

" If I stay in this moment with love, the fear has no place to live. I will use this knife to cut away any thing that keeps me form my purpose."

~Susan Merrill

The Belt of Power is the next Keyform in the Weaving a Life. This keyform is connected to delineating yourself as sacred space. it is also connected to the rites of passage of adolescence.

Women of ancient times, Goddesses , Priestesses would wear a belt around their waist, similar to a cingulum. It would carry a knife or something of ceremonial use for cutting.

Committing to yourself. Cutting away at energy that no longer serves us. Encircling our selves, our space with love and truth.

Choice. We all have a choice. A choice to create. A choice to destroy. A choice to create your vision and commit a part of your life or even your whole life!

Let us explore with these questions:

Where do I get the power to strengthen my personal commitments?

What are my strengths/powers And How can I focus on them?

Where do you want to focus your attention?

This keyform unlocks our ability to move form fear to love. Love is our birthright and Love is all that we need.

This belt of power I have explored several times and in each belt holds something different. My first was my sacred knife. The second was a set of prayer beads and the Third was my crystal wand. Each tool was something I needed in my life at that time. And working closer to my true self and how I wanted to create and what i needed to clear, cut, my space within and around me.

The Belt of Power is the essence of choice, cutting cords that have bound us, so that we might strengthen our commitment to embody what we love.

Two ways to look as you would create this piece is :

Create a belt of power to hold the tool to cut away that what is no longer needed.


Create a Belt of Power to connect to what your inner power is and create a symbol to put in you belt that holds that space for your work.

I will leave you with this :

" We are ALL scared beings of light, who have entirely the sufficient amount of power to manifest the life that we want, to create the space in our life that allows us full self expression, and the full expression of our powers and abilities. That's the truth for all of us, and it is the truth for you." ~Susan Merrill

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