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Weaver Priestess of the Thread

As I have created these beautiful tapestry and fiber art I see there is more to them. There is a story. There is a message that comes through with each piece and through writing here I can share more of what is coming through.

To go more in depth. I am more than just an Artist that weaves and beads. On my Priestess path that started 2015 this path has evolved. I am not just Priestess for ritual or ceremony but Priestess of the Thread. Weaver Priestess.

Each of my pieces has a red thread. This red thread symbolizes love. And with what I create I create from the center of my being, the Heart. Hands and Heart connecting creating with love.

I stared out creating tapestry's and weaving Goddess Dolls. Next came the Branch weaving. When I saw my first branch the shape of it was very feminine. I felt this womb/yoni connection to this. And so my first piece I created was the womb of the woman. This symbolized the powers that dwell within the energy we hold as women the wisdom that we hold and connect to. There are some that have no clue of the energy, power, or even the beauty they hold within. And all they need to do is tap into it and allow it to open and be with the women and guide her on her path.

What I am called to create is an act of service to others. For those with eyes to see let them see the messages that are put into each piece. The message, the codes They are for you!

Weaving with Love Light and Spirit


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