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Weaving a Life ~ Amulet

Let me take you on a journey. A journey from conception to death. This journey is through the keyform of Weaving a Life. As Weaving a Life Circle Leader and Storyloom Leader, I teach these beautiful ways to connect to the self.

This is a simple, symbolic weaving suitable for all, as a way to explore the inner self and create balance and wholeness in our world.

The process is an approach to revision oneself and ones possibilities through a hands on process of creating a series of simple weaving's called keyforms, the amulet, bowl, doll, belt of power, mask, sacred bundle and shawl. These are each connected also to the cycle of life or rites of passage, which we will explore.

The keyforms bring a sense of healing, truth, love and self-discovery into your life.

So let us explore the first of the keyforms the Amulet. The amulet is about invoking your beliefs about yourself. This also can hold space for your intention. What you need in your life right now? what support do you need? This is also connected to conception. What is it that needs to form together to birth?

This is about planting the seed. Going within and discovering something about yourself that you need to bring to the surface to grow. What do you want to plant to grow and emerge anew. This could be a re-birthing process also.

Amulets have been made allover the world for hundreds and thousands of years, used to ward off negative energy, a protection talisman, to call in change in how we experience our lives.

They are an invocation, a talisman to hold great blessings, what we want to manifest and hold our intentions our values.

These are something to touch, to remember, to encourage us. We need to remember that our lives have value, and what we value is important to us. The Amulet holds these for us as a sacred space to where around our necks.

I have gone through several journeys in making the amulet and here are a few of mine. Each one has its own intention, its own value, its own seed that was planted for what was going on in my life at that time.

The next keyform we will explore next will be the Bowl. If you are interested in exploring these deeper and want to learn to weave these, please feel free to contact me.

many blessing and till next time


Weaving with truth and love to nourish the soul.

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