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Weaving the Receiving Bowl

The 2nd keyform of the Weaving a Life is the Bowl. This is connected to birth. This is about receiving awareness. Let me invite you to sit and be still and ask yourself What do you believe about yourself? This is where you connect to a new dimension in yourself and your work.

The bowl has an inside and outside like we do. You create a vessel to receive the change you invoke with the Amulet.

This bowl is also a flat two dimensional piece until you take it off the loom and mold it with your hands. We can also do this with what we find true on what we believe about ourselves.

We all have the ability to change what we think and what we feel.

As I look at these three bowls I have created, each one is different and each one is from a time in my life that I birthed myself anew. As we age we also have this sense of change and growth. Renewing ourselves, birthing ourselves.

Here are a couple questions:

What do you believe about yourself? What is your truth?

What do you need to forgive? So you can fully receive!

What are you grateful for?

This is about receiving ourselves as we are!

This piece as it is weaved takes patience and love.

The secret to this bowl is..... What you believe is what you receive!

Here is a beautiful poem that I want to share by Rumi~

Be grateful for your life, every detail of

it, and your face will come to shine like

a sun, and everyone who sees it will be

made glad and peaceful. Persist in

gratitude, and you will slowly become

one with the Sun of Love and Love will

shine through you its all healing joy.

This path of gratitude is not for

children: It is a path of tender heroes,

of heroes of tenderness who, what ever

happens, keep burning on the alter of

their hearts the flame of adoration.

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