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Your Identity ~ The Mask

The Mask. This is our next keyform to explore. Your Identity of who you are . Your inner self and outer self.

This keyform is connected to the rights of passage of adulthood.

The Mask also allows us to "see through the eyes of the creator".

A Question that I want you to ask yourself, Who am I? And this goes beyond mother, Father, man, woman, sister, brother.

This is powerful and we in general can put on many faces aka masks. But do we show our true self?

Identifying with the en-living force behind the face you wear everyday. This keyform can teach us something very important about ourselves and connects us to who we are.

" AS a keyform, the mask is an energetic healing tool. Each one is created for a specific purpose. A mask is the reflection of a soulful condition expressed symbolically to bring it into physical being. It holds the vision still so the you and others can experience it over a period of time. As a healing tool, it is homeopathic in nature.."

from Weaving a Life

Here I have shared with you different examples of the mask and see how each one is so different and unique. The colors I chose were called to me on this journey, with each one going deeper into revealing who I am.

Another question to ask What gives me life? or what feeds my life?

This mask is connected to the other keyform. The inner part of who you are and showing the world who you are truly.

In my training my teacher guided a book to me called The unteathered Soul by Michael A. Singer and i found this beautiful passage:

"Ramana Maharshi, a teacher of yogic tradition used to say that to attain inner freedom one must continuously and sincerely ask the question Who am I? He taught that this was more important that reading books, learning mantras or going to holy places. Who am i? who see when I see? Who hears when I hear? Who knows that I am aware? Who am I?" `the unteathered soul

When we create our own mask, which this is a three dimensional piece, we explore the aspect of ourselves and what wants to speak to you. As I have explored this many times I have created what you could call my personal mythology of me!

I will leave you with this statement I wrote when i weave one of my masks for my training as a circle leader that came through with my mask,

I am......

Weaver of creating and Beauty

Earth Angel

Spirit of the Water

Priestess of the Goddess

Daughter of Frigg and Freya

Plant Whisperer

Keeper of the Sacred Mysteries

Channel of Spirit

Healer of unknown

Mystic Muse

A Sister of Celtic Blood

Sister of ALL Sisterhood

I am Eira WeaverMoon Angel

So this is she that I will weave and with all this she is Peace. Peace within, Peace around, and Peace she creates in all she does adding love. Love in ALL

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